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WSDChainIt is a blockchain project supported by the value of Internet celebrities. It is a decentralized and transparent transaction-based new economic solution based on blockchain technology.
The new network celebrity network + 5G technology + VR communication advertisement jointly created by the WSDChain team is a set of decentralized application R&D systems based on the RTXP underlying financial protocol to support the development of the entire industry, and is fully used in various fields such as the industrial field. Digital asset platform for resource integration and information interconnection.
WSD White paper
We are happy to share the WDS white paper with you. This white paper introduces our technical advantages in detail, and explains the great changes in the current Internet and fan economic era. Let us learn more!
WSD Ecosphere
WSDIt will become the only pricing item for personal IP (such as stars) and build a decentralized multilateral market.
WSD and exclusive token holders will be provided with a non-intervention and decentralized project crowdfunding platform.
Incentive token based on blockchain
Use blockchain basic technology to solve various non-equal membership system problems in the current fan economy.
Full construction of personal IP value system
Global personal IP crowdfunding platform
Personal IP Global Member Token System
WSDProduct Features
Advertising function
Internet celebrity function
Task function
Mining function
The WSD chain platform operated by the WSD Foundation, while ensuring the healthy operation of the WSD ecosystem, attracts more individuals and network red circle organizations to join the WSD chain platform through the network red ecology co-builder incentive mechanism. Through the various product functions and underlying technologies of the WSD chain, WSD users and net red ecology creators are encouraged to jointly build an autonomous ecological net red platform.
C2CMining function
Wallet function
Mall features
Net Red Ecological Construction Concept
WSDA fair and reasonable mechanism will be formulated to stimulate the subjective initiative of the creators of online celebrities, cultivate and co-build more network celebrities, build a WSD chain network celebrity ecology, and share the future dividends.
WSDIn the future, the chain will cooperate with the co-founders of Internet celebrities to train and aggregate enough network celebrity nodes to jointly build the WSD chain network celebrity ecology. In the future, the WSD chain will reward 40% of the world's celebrity nodes with a profit of 40%.
In the future, the WSD chain will develop its own main chain, based on the WSDChain main chain and open platform. Global development co-builders, develop more application scenarios required by various celebrities, and jointly build a sustainable blockchain celebrity ecosystem. Encourage every developer to directly exchange real value with innovation.
Cultivate co-builders
Cultivate celebrity nodes
Cultivate co-builders of polymerization development
English name of title: TITAN FOUNDATION PTE.LTD
Full name in Chinese: Singapore Titan Fund
Registered address: Singapore
Registered capital: CAD 5,000,000
Singapore registration number: 201821120E
Person in charge: Frozen
company address:
4530 S Ukraine Cir Aurora_CO 80015 Singapore

WSD Token economy
Token abbreviation: WSD
Total issuance: 9.6 billion
Genesis currency: 20 million
Total mining: 940 million
Year 1: 10%
2-3 years: 8%
4-5 years: 6%
6-7 years: 4%
8-n years: 2%

Live ecology

E-commerce      Ecology
Game ecology
Social ecology
WSD Value
Herman James
CEO Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation
Corporate and business development executives have 15 years of knowledge accumulation and experience in live broadcast of strategic new business model innovation, corporate restructuring consulting, IP and start-up capitalization operations. He is currently the director of risk strategy for WSD and has extensive experience in cryptography and business applications.
CIO 基金会技术总监
CIO 基金会数据安全负责人
WSDThe core team is from various countries around the world, has a deep understanding of the live entertainment market, and has a wealth of theoretical foundation and practical experience in related fields. In the field of blockchain, it is a strong technical team. Comprehensive technology-covering blockchain, cryptography, TB-level in-memory database development, high-availability application server development, security protection and distributed operation and maintenance, iOS and Android research and development, etc., and also absorbs the core technical members of ETH.
WSD core team
WSDPlanning process
Why choose us?
Ecological partners
January 2020
WSDThe team determines the direction of WSD application
May 2020
WSD Public chain project preparation, market demand investigation and analysis.
June 2020
WSDPublic chain startup team building.
July 2020
 WSDThe public chain project was officially launched, and the WSD public chain obtained cornerstone investment.
August 2020
Release 1.0 version of WSD public chain internal test.
September 2020
WSDA global event dedicated to public chain events to create 10,000 co-founders of the Internet celebrity; the official version 1.0 was launched and version 2.0 was developed.

October 2020
Online international exchange, online wallet, task and other functions.
November 2020
Initiate research and development of the main network, comprehensive upgrade of 2.0 products, and start the construction of global ecological influencers.
December 2020
Build millions of users around the world and build a WSD chain ecosystem in an all-round way.
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